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Past Fifty Years – Down the Memory Lane

50 years ago, some odd 180 aspiring young doctors came to this medical college “Rajendra Medical College & Hospital", now named as “Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences”. All of them were strangers to each other then, coming from different parts of India, mostly from Bihar and also from distant states like Jammu and Kashmir.

As time passed, new friendship – new bondages developed. During those years we got nurtured from naive and innocent young students to mature and responsible citizens. It was a wonderful journey of ten years of togetherness before we departed to start a new journey as practicing doctors. Those ten years seemed like a whiff of a gentle breeze, and the fifty years since then were like an exile. During these fifty years some of our friends left us for their heavenly abode. We will miss them.

To bring back those pleasant memories, we are reuniting on 2nd December, 2018 to celebrate the “Golden Jubilee Reunion” of our batch in our alma-mater. It will be a walk down the nostalgia lane, when we make the sequel of "Jab We Met", and call it "Jab We Meet Again". We invite you to join us, as we relive 1968.

Long Live the Batch of 1968



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